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House of Blues 12/18

Anyone headin' out to HOB next Saturday? My sister and I got our tickets today! :) :) :) I'm super excited.. haven't seen them since the last Kent show! Will def. be awesome!

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I'm so jealous!!! I want to go to the show so bad... first of all RWB, and second of all the HOB... but I'll be in Florida so I guess it's not so bad... Please post about how the show goes when you get back!!!
ooo poor you in florida hahahah! ill definitely post about the show! i just hope i can make it another week! have a nice holiday!
lol... I know...

Thanks! Hope you have a good holiday too...

(If you can, you should take pics at the HOB and post them!!!)
will do!
yeah... once again i have the worse luck when the shows get planned
however, last night was my brothers wedding so i guess thats a good trade off

how was the show? how was the new HOB?
Well, you seem to be in luck this time, though... the HOB show isn't until the 18th... So perhaps you can still go!!!

Hope you had fun at your brother's wedding!!! And yes, had the show actually been last night it definitely would have been a good trade off to be at his wedding...!

If you do go to the show, you'll have to post about it. (and what the HOB is like...) I want to go so bad, but I'll be in Florida with family I only get to see once a year, so I guess I'll get over it... lol...

Have a good Christmas!!!!
hmmm..... i had thought i saw a poster saying it was going to be on the 11th...
and being on the 18th doesnt help... of course, my luck and all, i have to fly down to dallas, tx...
ok, sometime in the next year i'll make it to a show, have to find out when the next kent show is, give me a reason to come up there and see friends before i graduate as well since i no longer live in cleveland
LOL!!! I have never in my life heard of someone having as many conflicts with shows as you do!!!

But at least you'll be in Dallas (where it will be warm with no snow!!)

Well hopefully one of the upcoming shows you'll be able to make!!!
ok so i am just wonderin...i am just gettin into them (rwb) where i could find their cd...??any help??sorry to bug you... should have it. If not, they have them at their shows. Last I heard Sirens was temporarily out of stock... but it might be back in. If you want to download stuff, there's a link off of their website... if you go to and click under Merchandise, one of the links is to a site where you can download their stuff. I don't know if it costs to download them or not... but I doubt it does... Anyway, hope that helps!
You should become a member... It's not a rating community or anything... anyone can join and post... I tried to send you an invitation but I'm not sure if it worked or not... but either way, we'd love to have you!!

♥ Megan,

(the mod)
I didn't get the how do i do this??i donno what i am doing!lol...
Just go to the community user info and at the top there will be a link that says 'to join this community click here' just click that, and then follow the pages.
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