Jennifer Lynn (jennay82) wrote in rwb_fans,
Jennifer Lynn


The House of Blues show was AMAZING!!!!! For those who missed it I highly recommend going when there there again! HOB was really cool. The people were very friendly and they had plenty of clean restrooms.. which is nice compared to a lot of places. :) Tickets said doors at 9:30 but we waited outside until about 9:50 in the cold which sucked and felt like 2 hours, but other than that it was cool. Kate Voegle went on around 10:15. I hadn't ever heard her stuff but I have become a fan. It was a short set, about 7 songs maybe. Her dad played with the band for the last two songs. Normally I want the opening act to finish quickly, but I could have handled a few more from her. Check her out if you haven't! RWB came on around 11. They played all the songs off of Pride plus Decorator, Color of One, Blue Girl.. and some other. I forget everything but Wes posted a set list on the message board if you care to see. The crowd had really good energy. There were around 700 people there from what I read from Wes' post. Epp look strangley like a mountain man. His beard it getting long and it looked funny with his nose ring.. haha. I forgot my camera but if you go to the set list section of the message boards theres a link with some awesome pictures that captured the night better than any I could have taken. I can't really put the show into words.. just incredible! I love them more and more every time I see them... anyways.. sorry ti took so long for me to write this, but everyone have a great christmas/winter break/new year!!
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wow, sounds like a great show!

beats out the puking underagers in the cramped peabodys huh?>
lol definately! mind you.. there could have been puking underagers there.. but if so i didn't notice and i dont care haha
it was an amazing show!!! me and my friend got there at 10 after nine and were te first people they made wait outside in the cold!!! everyone b4 us got to go inside and stand in the warmth made me really wish that i had paid the stupid service charge of ticketmaster so i didnt have to worry about not getting all in all it was a great time even though we had to stand outside in the freezing weather for 50
yep, the waiting was a killer! my sister and i were the second people in line outside that had already gotten our tickets. it sucked, but it was all ok in the end since we were still in the second row. :) where we you standing? i was wondering how it was from further back in the crowd.... still great i'm sure.. always is!
we were in the front against the barrier, standing right next infront of fact he almost spit on us...i looked stupid still in my work clothes lol...a button up blue shirt and tie haha
well.. haha i was probably right next to you! we were second row in between scott and epp...weird... :)